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PetDesk Pet Care App - Wildwood Veterinary Clinic

Manage all your pet’s care right on your phone with the PetDesk Pet Care App!

Grooming appointments, boarding schedules, vet visits—our pets have busy lives. Manage it all with the free PetDesk app for iOS or Android! With PetDesk, you can handle all your veterinary needs right from your phone. The comprehensive app allows you to make appointment requests, see your pet’s vaccine history, view our office hours and refill prescriptions whenever it’s most convenient for you! 

With PetDesk, you can:

  • Make appointment requests
  • See your pet’s vaccine history
  • View office hours
  • Refill prescriptions at your convenience
  • Get immediate updates and alerts about your pets care via text message
  • Virtual vet visits with the Wildwood Veterinary Clinic team

PetDesk seamlessly syncs with your phone’s calendar, and once you download the app, it can also send you text and email reminders for your upcoming appointments and any overdue vaccinations. Learn more about how to use the PetDesk App. 

Safe, Virtual Vet Visits with PetDesk

PetDesk’s new video conferencing feature allows our Wildwood Veterinary Clinic team to have a clear picture of your pet from wherever you are. While it’s not suitable for every medical issue or for emergencies, virtual pet care works great for most routine visits, eliminating the need for you to drive to our office and minimizing health concerns for you and our staff. When used along side our current curbside pick-up model, this new video option allows you to participate in your pet’s care, in real-time, while safely remaining socially distant in your car.

Learn more about our new virtual pet care option.

Fast, Reliable Communication with Two-Way Texting

With PetDesk’s two-way texting feature we offer the ultimate in communication convenience for our clients which means no more playing phone tag! Just text us a message or question through the app, and a member of our medical team can respond to you quickly and efficiently during regular business hours.

Two-way messaging is a simple and easy way to stay connected with your pet’s health care team and our staff can send you messages, photos, videos and even PDF documents. With the PetDesk messaging feature, our staff might send you text messages for:

  • Post-exam follow-ups and rechecks
  • Notification of when medications are ready for pick-up
  • Notification and summary of routine lab results
  • Acknowledgement of appointment requests and cancellations

Download the PetDesk app today for IOS and Android and get a leash on your pet’s care!

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Running into issues with the PetDesk app? Check out their FAQ and troubleshooting page.