Meet Dr. Chigos

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Dr. Andrew Chigos, Veterinarian, Owner

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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I spent several years teaching and running an educational television station before deciding to pursue my life-long dream of being a veterinarian. My wife, Kristin, and I wanted the opportunity to live overseas, so we moved to St. Kitts where I attended Ross University Veterinary School.

After two and a half years of intense education (and aggressive centipedes!), we moved to Corvallis, Oregon where I finished my clinical year of veterinary school at Oregon State University in 2009. Since graduating, I have been practicing small animal medicine in Portland, serving as a lead veterinarian before opening Wildwood Veterinary Clinic. My interests include internal and geriatric medicine, as well as dentistry.

Outside of the clinic I try to catch as many Timbers games as I can with my daughter, as well as attend concerts when a good show comes to town. My family has lived in Portland for over ten years and we believe there is no better place to live.

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